These are a few of our dogs working. We must admit we don't have many picture. It is hard to get pictures when your hands are full working the animals. Wink
Check back as we will be should be adding more photos soon.

I have backpacked an awful lot of miles with my dogs. My (now gone) Labrador Retriever Sled Dog team and I backpacked 1/3 of the way across Missouri. My dogs wear packs when I take them hiking, it is great cross training. This is a picture of myself, Mary, Hannah and Martha in 1997.

This is one of our Seppala Siberian Huskies. His name is Traveler and he can do it all.....pull a wagon, cart or travois, weight pull, backpack, does tricks and is leader on my sled dog team. I think he is quite handsome too!!

Although blurry, this is one of the few picture we took while I was out with Millie and Montana my Saint Bernards. Man, did they get excited to see the harnesses come out. Dogs love a job and these two loved to pull.

forestcheesehead 2005-01-04.jpg
Isn't he a doll??!! Forest at 10 week learning to be a model for mom. I need models for ebay and website photos so that people can see how nice my items look on dogs when they wear them. <great big grin> Forest will begin training summer of 2006....obedience that is. How do you like that cheesehead??!!

Of course we have a few sled dog photos....not as many as we would like to since we both run dogs and both of us have our hands full at all times. If you look close you can see Deron coming around the corner on the ATV. This was a early season run and these dogs were so happy to be out there on the trail!!

A person with a large kennel HATES to use the word "favorites", however.... This is Petey and Zamboni my two favorites. Petey was my first Seppala Siberian Husky and Zamboni was a gift from Doug Willet. Zamboni's confidence was built with weight pulling and backpacking one on one training. He became a lead dog on a sprint racing team. What is there job here? Showing off the leather fringed harnesses. LOL

Both Petey and Zamboni weight pulled, backpacked and lead sprint teams. They also knew tricks, Petey more then Zamboni.

You can extend your sled dog season with a scooter. WONDERFUL confidence building and lead dog training for young dogs. Be sure to wear a helmet, knee pads, hiking boots, and elbow pads.....don't ask me how I know.

What is his job? Modeling. I make the harnesses for the barrels and sell the sets on the Internet. Every Saint Bernard needs a barrel, don't you think? This is Montana, a real sport. Montana also pulls a sled or rig, backpacks and weight pulls.

I have this idea that I would like to compete again at Frisbee with dogs.....This is Bo Jangles. He may get good at Frisbee someday. I may learn to throw the frisbie correct again someday. For now, we will just keep "playing frisbie". Check out our website for more Frisbee information at

This is Petey with a travios. The harness is made with deer hide that my dad had tanned from a deer that he had shot many years before. The harness, if you look close you can see, also has bells on it. Petey was quite the hit when he pulled this travios at schools, churches, for scouts, and other demos he participated in through the years.

My halter top is leather and it matches, but is split cowhide. I made both the harness and the halter top (and the travios).

midas 2006-01-09.jpg
Midas and his sister Raya (not shown) are our farm dogs. They are English Shepherds and do a great job keeping the livestock "in line" and out of trouble. The picture is kinda washed out, but you can still see how handsome Midas, our gold dog is.

marnamidasrayajoyllamas 2006-01-09.jpg
Another shot of our "farm dogs" with Joy, a Cocker Spaniel and our Lap Dog out with "the stock". It sure was cold this particular day. Our llamas are working llamas and you can see more pictures of them at

I love these lovely creature too!! I am learning to spin so they grow fiber for me too. Wink

Boy, this was taken a lot of years ago. This was at a Demo at the Wolf Santurary in St. Louis, MO. This is me with Abby our Alaskan Malamute and my son Jesse with Trigger a Beagle. Trigger belonged to my middle son Drew. They have on fringed backpacks that I had made for them. If you look close you can see that Abby has a feather "in her hair" and Trigger is wearing a cowboy hat. Yes, I like to dress the dogs, the crowd got (gets) a kick out of it too.

Although the wagon is too small, the help is good!! This was taken before we bought the big green wagon. You can not see the harness Montana is wearing very well becuase I draped the lead rope over his back. This was a daily event at our house and great weight pull conditioning. The Paint Horse, Arrow was bought for me in leau of an engagement ring. The Shetland Pony, Dreamer, was a bonus.

Bo Jangles ready for the St. Pat's Day Parade. He had a ball!! I made his hat and backpack (I did not carry a purse that day Wink and sewed the Ty Heart bear to ride along.

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