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Newest SeppStar

This is Venus, born November 19, 2009 to Violet x Traveler. Yes, we are thrilled! After years of racing, breeding, raising, training, and loving the Seppala line of these AKC registered Siberian Huskies, we thought we were at the end of the line with only three older dogs left.

Violet & newborns crated

So when we found that the breeding of Sepp-Star's Violet to Sepp-Star's Traveler actually produced puppies....in the house came Violet, even as small as our house gets in the winter. (with the extra/switch out bottles/buckets/chicken waterers as well as all the winter gear at the door, ext.)

Welcome Venus!

Venus is the only survivor out of the two pups and we are thrilled to have her.

What, No Privacy!?
She is bi-eyed and bushy tailed. She seems very mature to me...at three weeks old Deron takes Venus out with her mother and Venus also goes two pees and a poop. Of course Deron and I think that "every little thing she does is magic". She seems really smart, ey?? Winter is the very best time to house break a dog, when the cold air hits, like humans, they have to pee.

Venus, Violet, Joy and Deron

As you can see our Cocker Spaniel, that might be a bit spoiled, and who is our constant companion, that sleeps in our bed and waits each day for her plate at lunch (and gets it), might be a bit jealous of Deron's attention to the new puppy. Joy, our Cocker, also calls them wolves and does not think wolves should be in the house.

Venus Herd Introduction

Yes, all of the animals at our place must get along and are anxious to come see anyone new. If you know anything about goats you will know they are always the first one in line for new things and to meet new people and or animals. Our adult Siberian Huskies are very used to our goats, horses, llamas, and other animals. We are quite careful when it comes to introducing new animals to one another.

Venus 2009 Ornament

This is one of those items we will have for....well, forever. It will remind us of the year that God gave Deron a very special Christmas Gift.

I found this on a craft site and it cost less then $10 with lightning fast shipping. It was going to be a surprise gift for Deron, but when it came early, why not have it out and enjoy it, ey?

Digging Crew Hole in the drift

Venus, by now, is "just one of the gang". She goes out to go potty, follows Deron and Raya, our English Shepherd, doing their winter chores. Plays on the floor, aggravates the house dogs, because "No, they do not want to play.". Venus has learned to "sit" for a cookie, "come" to her name, and to "go to bed" (get in her crate). She now has one ear up and sometimes, two. Deron comes in smiling and with little "Venus stories" everyday.

Today Deron dug out our "black tub", the Otter Sled, from under a large blizzard drift so we can use it for our donkey to pull. (see our donkey driving training page on Abby Learns To Drive at www.bibledonkeys.com ) Venus stayed with him, well, more with him and Raya, and "helped". This is a photo of Deron, Venus and Raya in the hole after digging out the black tub. Personally, I am hoping that she will be wore out for tonight, we separated mother and child today (1/8/10).


Deron putting Venus down Deron, Venus & Abby Deron, Venus & Abby Marna & Venus in the sled

Today Deron and I went out to train our Donkey Abby to Drive (you can see her training page on www.bibledonkeys.com ) and Venus, along with Raya, came with us. Deron and I got such a kick out of Venus. I picked her up and gave her a ride on my lap as Abby pulled the dog sled. When I set her down to get off, Venus turned right around and started to climb back up on the dog sled. She was really a good pup, she turns 8 weeks old tomorrow.


This morning Deron came in and said to me "We have created a monster." You see yesterday we took Venus with us to town. She rode in the back seat in a small crate across from Joy (who was not humored that Venus came with us). Venus was such a good girl. Very little "protesting" from the crate. She learned about riding, getting out and playing if different areas with different smells, that you get a bigger "GOOOOOD GIIIIIIIIIRL!" when you pee or poop away from home (and not in the crate), she found out about Joy's treat, a double cheese burger in town. Venus also found out that there are people everywhere that would love to pet her, hold her and make such a big fuss over her, and her bi-eyes. She also found out about pig ears and how to get up on the floor board when dad say's "Venus load"...........so how did we create a monster?

This morning Deron went out to do his morning routine, he had water on the back of the truck to unload into the horse trofts, animal feed to drive over to the horse trailer, feeding the animals...when he opened the truck door to get in, Venus put her front feet up on the floor board and wanted to ride to. So out she got at the horse trofts and stayed on Deron heels, when he got back into the truck to drive the animal food over the the horse trailer, Venus' little feet were back up on the floor board and ready to go with him. When Deron got in to drive back to the drive way, little feet were back up on floor board ready to go with him.

Venus Learns To Load

January 19, 2010

You know how you are "training your dog" even when it is not really a lesson, just the little things you do? Venus is like a sponge, she is learning so much. Much from us, much from the dogs, much from experience. But the best part about this pup is she is retaining it. Yesterday was her second trip to town. She remembered how and got right in the crate in the back seat (well, her pig ear and toy was still in there). She knows when Deron says "load" she is to put her front feet on the floor board. She knew to walk all the way over to the snow banks to "go potty" and that when you smell hamburgers in the air, she will probably be tasting it too. She sure did well. You have to remember, we live 50 miles from town, so going to town, is an all day affair. Then the day after, she seems to have learned, that she, Deron and Joy drive around here in the truck taking stuff to different places. And she is aaaaaaaaaalllllllll for getting back into the truck.

This photo was taken at The Mercantile in Spearfish, SD. Joy, our Cocker Spaniel (who is on leash in this photo) just jumped into the truck.

February 9, 2010

I just wanted to take a moment and record all that Deron has taught Venus. Venus is now almost 12 weeks old (will be on the 11th of Feb). She follows Deron daily to do "chores", "talks" to us often. Here's a list of what she will do on command.

Go to Bed (get in the crate)
Comes running when called by name
Shakes Hands
Load (get in the truck)

She also knows words and responds to them like

let's go
good dog
(I am sure there are others I can not think of right now)

more about Venus below

Bi-Eyed Animals

spirit_necking.jpg Our Bi Eyed Kitty Our Bi Eyed Llama

Deron and I have had several Siberian Huskies with eyes that do not match. And a few with more then one color found in the iris of one eye. It is not even that uncommon in the racing lines to see eyes of this sort.

We have also had and do have other animals with eyes that are two different colors. We have had three Fancy Rats, several Cats, a Llama,

Years ago Deron liked to go into this certain 7-11. The gal that worked there had one blue eye and one green.


Venus On Guard Duty

May 15, 2010

Venus spends all of her day loose on our farm. She follows Deron around all morning feeding and has goat's milk after the goats are milked and animals are fed and watered. She even goes in the chicken pen with Deron and has not (as of this date) even acted like she would hurt the birds. She does enjoy the farm fresh eggs, and if you do not watch her, she enjoys them raw. Most of her day she spends out with the grazing goats and believe it or not, we have caught her, more then once, eating grass with them...yeah, I know.

This photo was taken just after I called Deron out on the porch to see Venus standing on the hill barking at the fence where a lone Antelope was headed this way. (if you look at Raya's page on www.faroutliving.com you will find this Antelope visits often).

We have a kid goat that we are bottle feeding. Venus often goes over and lays with Joseph (we must get photos). Many times when we call for Venus she comes from where the goats are, mostly Joseph.

March 6, 2014

These are photos of Deron and I out for a Day Trip with Venus and Traveler (Venus's Sire).

Deron with Traveler & Venus Packing  2014-03-06. Deron Backpacking with Venus 2014-03-06 Deron Venus Packing Away 2014-03-06 Deron Backpacking with Venus Side Shot 2014-03-06 Deron with Venus & Traveler  2014-03-06 Deron with Venus & Traveler Packing Away  2014-03-06 Marna with Traveler  2014-03-06 Marna with Traveler Backpacking  2014-03-06 Marna Backpacking withTraveler Side Shot  2014-03-06

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