Dock Dogs

Where's My Pool!?

Dogs jumping off wooden docks over swimming pools with each measured foot marked clearly on the side of the pool to record the amount of space the dog jumped into the water for their toy. I had seen this sport on TV many times, but until I saw a live event in Deadwood, SD, I was not that interested. After seeing the event I know it is something that my Cocker Spaniel Frankie, will want to jump into. Right now, as you can see from the photo, I do not have a pool for Frankie.... I called this photo "Where is my Pool!?"

DockDivingFrankie2 2012-07-19

There are clubs in many areas, but sadly not one near us. There is a "mother club" with information on line you can search and learn more about this sport. Basically, or in short, any breed or mixed breed can participate. The pool is marked off by the foot. Cameras are set up so that they can stop the footage and see where the top of the tail (right between the dog's body and tail) where the measurement is recorded. Why there? The theory is that it gives each dog the same advantage, where noses, can be long or short, legs, same, so that area would be the most fair to record.

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