About Dog Coats/Sweaters

Frankie In His New Winter Snowman Coat

A dog wearing a coat or sweater can sure bring the average person a smile quickly. Many times a coat or sweater can keep a dog warmer in colder weather and or dry in the rain. But the outfit needs to fit correctly and be made out of the correct materials/fabrics.

If a dog's coat or sweater is not fitted correctly, it can do more harm than good for the dog. You do not want an outfit to fit your dog too tightly, if it does it will hold the dog's hair too tightly to it's body, making the dog colder rather than warmer when outdoors on a cool day. A dog's coat or sweater that is too big will hinder the animals movement and could trip or choke the dog wearing it.

Make sure that the coat or sweater closes around the dog snug, and if you have a male dog, that nothing covers the male parts. You also do not want an outfit to cover your dog's "under the tail area".

Dogs with a natural double coat do not need a coat even in the coldest weather. It is better if they do not wear a coat or sweater, the outfit will hold their hair flat against their bodies and actually make them cold. The dog's natural under coat serves as insulation for the top guard coat. These breeds were made for cold weather, most prefer winter and cooler days than the Summer time.

At our house, our Cocker Spainels wear coats in the winter, our Germans Shepherd Dogs, Siberian Huskies do not. Our St. Bernards did not either. When I want to "dress up" the German Shepherds or Siberian Huskies, I put bandanas on them.

TEACHING YOUR DOG TO WEAR CLOTHES (backpacks, props and other items)

Joy's New Cheer Leader Dress

If you handle your dog a lot, if your dog is obedience trained, if you have a bond with your dog, and if your dog trusts you, you will have not trouble at all teaching your dog to ignore and wear any clothing items you put on it that fit correctly.

Start with one simple item such as a hat or a coat. Put it on the dog correcting the dog with a soft "No" if the dog fights you putting it on or if the dog bites or paws at the item.

After the item is on the dog, tell the dog to stay. Before releasing the dog from the stay and only about a minute into the dog wearing the clothes still on the "stay" command, take the item off the dog. Leave the dog in the stay for another few seconds and then release the dog from the stay and praise the dog.

Most dogs that have been taught manners will just let your put the clothes, hat or glasses, harness or other items on it and not think too much of it. Once the dog is OK with the clothes coming on or off take the dog for a short walk (around the house or outside) to let the dog move around in the item, but also distracted from them. Give the dog a treat or two and make a fuss out of the dog wearing the outfit.

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